The scoop on threesomes

Don’t say you’ve never thought about it. Over half of us either want to have a threesome, or would be willing to go along with one if our partner was keen. Even of those not actively wanting a threesome, there’s a good chance that the idea still holds an allure, albeit strictly as fantasy. So… Read More »

Golden showers: The truth we don’t dare tell

Golden showers are a topic many of us are afraid to broach. The website Couples Truth or Dare lets users rate truths and dares as being “too easy” or “too extreme”. By quite a significant margin, the truth question considered most extreme is: Have you ever had or given a golden shower? Do you think you might… Read More »

Do kinky people get together?

There is no disputing that a lot of us are kinky. Statistics from the Testing the Waters tool show that 50-80% of both men and women are interested in rougher sex, handcuffing, 69ers, erotic movies, sex toys, and more. But interest in these topics is not universal. Some of us are kinkier than others. So given our different… Read More »

Anal Sex: Who is doing it? Who wants to try?

When you next catch up with the Joneses, you probably won’t ask whether they have anal sex. But you might be curious! I know this because some of the most popular questions on the survey site Noones Normal are: Have you had anal sex with your current partner? How frequently do you have anal sex with your… Read More »